DUKA TRAVEL, TOURS & LODGES SHARE COMPANY is created by business oriented highly, highly motivated creative mind individuals, and would be operated by individuals who have many years of travel industry experience. They are highly qualified both on International and Domestic market. Duka Travel, Tours & Lodges S.C. is designed to satisfy all travelers' needs, and customer made travel itinerary for each traveler. Duka is an Amharic word meaning Foot Print.

Very soon Duka will manage and operate lodges in most historical locations. Most Duka lodges will be designed with domestic flavor and international comfort, and all lodges would imitate the building of each region.

Duka has a fleet of cars both for rent and tours. Duka would provide a luxury bus line to satisfy the large group, by using Sky Bus S.C oneof its partners who recently launched its long distant root in Ethiopia.

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The Africa Hall is situated opposite the Grand Palace.It has been the seat of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. Learn More
  • Lalibela
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